zero-waste-hotel® Trancoso, Brazil
experience a genuine zero-waste lifestyle in the perfect environment 
 - we offer expertise and adventure -

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  • infrastructure built with predominantly sustainable or natural building materials
  • sustainable waste water treatment
  • ​integrated or close-by agricultural area for fresh and local food supply such as vegetables, fruits, herbs and seafood or insect breeding.
  • areas for workshops and training
  • coaching: staff are trained to instruct the customers on their zero-waste holiday
  • ​​consistent "reducing, reusing & recycling"
  • no throwaway items or plastic. Only homemade cleaners and natural laundry soaps, free drinking water from fountains, compostable towels, linen and utensils
  • zero food-waste by composting leftovers or bio-gasification
  • playful information:  easy to understand signs and panels help guests to behave according to the zero-waste-principles
  • ​old concepts of comfort are replaced by a new kind of luxury: natural & reductionist lifestyle, fancy amenities, wholefood and sustainable activities
  • ​​​customers are free to get actively involved in the zero waste vision of the hotel or just passively enjoy a  carefully designed holiday experience 



The zero-waste-hotel® is aimed not just to reducing waste towards zero but mainly to realize a chart of sustainability going from producers to suppliers, from staff to guests.
The zero-waste-hotel® provides a unique experience for clients searching for destinations where their expectations in terms of sustainability can be met on a high standard.
zero-waste-hotels® are models for any hospitality businesses aiming to comply with a changing world of finite resources and circular economy as the only solution for a challenging future.


Currently, sustainable waste management is not a priority for the hospitality industry. Calculations are generally limited to fees imposed by waste collection services.

Hospitality businesses are not used to identify the hidden costs (environmental and financial) related to material waste. Thus the profits of a well established and sustainable waste management program are highly underestimated. 

The potential to save and not waste in the hospitality sector is huge. The problem is that wastefulness is still associated to quality and luxury. 
Businesses prioritizing environmental issues are still a minority while the trend of conscious tourism is strongly on the rise.
In many parts of the world a shift in mentality is taking place and customers demand sustainable practices, which reflect their sustainable lifestyles.  
Highest standards in waste management are key if businesses want to meet the requirements of an ecofriendly clientele. 
The solutions to a waste-free or at least waste-reduced operation of hotels are widely available and affordable.

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